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295 Bay Street, Easton, Maryland  410-924-0451 (contact number for owner) Pilates Studio in Easton


Pilates Etiquette

Be respectful of others and yourself.  Be quiet when waiting for your session to begin as not to disrupt others.  Also, be respectful and quiet during class time as to not disrupt the other students.  When you speak out of turn, you break the concentration of other students and affect the flow of the session.
Place all shoes, socks, purses in closet or other area designated by the teacher.   All cell phones should be turned off or to vibrate as to not disrupt others.
When session is completed, student is responsible for cleaning & reassembling every apparatus they used during their session.  (put box back open end against wall, reattach handles, bars  and place 4 springs  on reformer) Replace pillows, weights, blocks in designated areas
Proper attire is recommended – fitted clothing that will not obstruct the student during session.  (Teacher needs to be able to “see” the body and we can’t do it through heavy t-shirts/sweatshirts, etc).  Hair should be tied back to stay out of your way during session.  Shorts are NOT recommended for men & women unless spandex is worn underneath.
No gum as it interferes with breathing and becomes a choking hazard.
No heavy perfumes as many clients have allergies and strong odors interfere with breathing.
In a group setting there may be different levels practicing at the same time, and for your safety we ask that you follow the instruction of your teacher and not attempt exercises outside of your experience. 

6 Principles of Classical Pilates

Concentration - Mind controls body - Acute attention to detail of movement within body- Focus (inwardly and quietly), Listen to cues from Teacher and apply them deeper every time you hear them

Centering - All movement comes from Powerhouse, not through it, use Centerline as a reference point, think stabilization before movement.

Control - Connects mind and body into movement, with control we move more efficient and proper.  Usually starting with smaller range of motion and slower pace will improve control.

Breathing -Natural breathing creates fluid motion and sets rhythm.  Typically we teach an inhale on extension or length, and exhale to resist. On an inhalation you will expand the rib cage like a balloon while pulling the abdominals in toward the spine and as you exhale the ribs come together while pulling the abdominals in even deeper.

Precision - Move with purpose and intention, as to have 3 good movements out of 5 or 10 total. 

Flowing Movement - when done properly, movement is fluid, light & seemingly effortless.  Please no Grunting or Straining or Banging of equipment. Classical Exercises on reformer or mat are choreographed to flow from one exercise to the next and incorporate efficient and quietly controlled equipment changes (springs, headrests, footbar, etc.).


When pulling into Bay Pilates parking area, there is room for 4 cars.  To the left of our driveway, facing the building, are 2 additional spaces.  Our neighbor to the right, asks that we do not take his space which is the one to the far right.
Beyond our unit there is parallel parking along the sidewalk and along the street  next to the grass. When backing out, check behind you as someone may have parked along the grass behind you as several cars have been backed into.
During weekday morning group classes the parking lot becomes crowded.  Our group classes are 50 minutes therefore allowing 10 minutes for equipment cleaning and time to clear the parking area for the next group of clients.  


Thank you for your cooperation.                       copyright Bay Pilates 2015