Semi Private Lessons

Two students may share one teacher which is known as a duet or semi-private lesson. 

Trio is 3 people committed to a more private setting than a group glass.

Ask one of our experienced teachers to pair you with another student who would be compatible to your fitness and practice level.

Duet  and Trio's lessons are more affordable and work well for those students who enjoy practicing with a buddy, spouse or students looking to meet a new friend(s).

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Private Lessons

Private Pilates lessons include work on the Reformer and Mat supplemented by the Tower, Chair and Barrel to deepen the students understanding of a particular exercise or movement pattern. Private lessons are an excellent way to start your journey in learning the Pilates method.

Private CoreAlign Lessons work one on one to identify any muscular imbalances, improve posture, cardio vascular health and stamina. 

Private lessons are also helpful when addressing individual needs such as joint replacements or surgeries, scoliosis or other spinal issues, and muscular imbalances.  We recommend starting with a private lesson package before entering into a group class.

Working one on one with a teacher will challenge you to go deeper into your body for the exercises that you already know and get your body to that quivering stage that awakens the stabilizers.  New exercises are also learned during private sessions which will allow you to progress and to join a higher level group class.

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