Bay Pilates and Wellness, LLC 

295 Bay Street, Easton, Maryland  410-924-0451 (contact number for owner)


Pilates, CoreAlign, Barre

Private Hour Lessons

1 hour private $75 each, buy more than one for $65 each

4 hours @ $65 for $260

8 hours @ $65 for $520

Private 1/2 Half Hour Lessons

Single purchase !/2 hour private $ 40, buy more than one for $35 each

4 1/2 hours @ $35 each for $140

8 1/2 hours @ $35 each for 280

Semi-Private (Duet) Hour Lessons

Single purchase of one Semi-Private $50, or buy more than one for $45 each

4 hours @ $45 for $180

8 hours @ $45 for $360

Semi-Private (Duet) 1/2 Hour Lessons

Single purchase of one 1/2 hour Semi-Private $30, or buy more than one for $25each

4 1/2 hour duets @ $25 each for $100

8 1/2 hour duets @ $25 each for $emi

Semi-Private (Triple) Hour Lessons- 3 people

4 hours @ $35 each for $140 or 8 hours@ $35 for $280   find 3 friends or let us find other clients who are compatible with your level.

Group Hour Lessons Reformer, Tower, Chair

Purchase 1 for $30, buy more than 1 for $25 each

4 group lessons for $100

8 group lessons for $200

Mat (FLOOR WORK) Hour Lessons Purchase 1 for $20, buy a package for $15 each

Pilates Avatar  $20 for 1hour session, $72 for 4.  You and your teacher choose the level of personal practice and schedule with her or online.  See Pilates Avatar for more information.

Wellness Services

Reiki 1 hour $60; 1/2 hour $35.  Reiki is a gentle form of natural healing that promotes peace and relaxation, reduces pain, and helps your body's natural ability to heal itself.  Reiki is not a massage and is preformed over clothing.

Aromatouch 1 hour $70 and includes 6 essential oils or special oil blends applied to your spine.  Aromatouch supports your body by reducing stress, supporting your immune system, reducing inflammation and improves autonomic balance.

Lifestyle Coaching 1 hour $70, 4 hours $260.  Personalized plan for lifestyle changes includes a 12 chapter workbook.

Cancellation Policy:  24 hour notice except Monday appointments require 72 hour notice or you will be charged for your session.  We request that when you cancel an appointment, you attempt to reschedule it within the same week.  Excessive unexcused cancellations (more than 1 per month unless sick, emergency, or pre-scheduled vacation) will be charged regardless of hourly notice given.

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