Bay Pilates and Wellness, LLC 

295 Bay Street, Easton, Maryland  410-924-0451 (contact number for owner) Pilates Studio in Easton

Beginner Bay Pilates Videos 
Roll Down Bar and Push Through Bar
Mat 101      Jump Board

Stomach Massage

Intermediate Bay Pilates Videos                                                              Short Spine on the Reformer   Plank Press Down on the Chair
Long Stretch Series 

Side Sit Ups on the Chair

BodyWatts Pilates Band workout

Intermediate/Advanced Bay Pilates Videos 

Twist for Golf
Tendon Stretch, Semi Circle, Short Spine with flow
Mat shown with minimum reps
One Arm Push Up on Low Chair

Plank Push Down on the Chair

High Frog variation on the tower

Pregnancy Videos (good for most everyone)                                  Footwork on the High Chair                                                                            Side leg Springs on the Tower
Rowing Series: Shaving Head and Hug a Tree on the Reformer
Standing Arm Springs with the Roll Down Bar
Low Chair Achilles Stretch and Tendon Stretch

CoreAlign Videos


Skating and equipment set up


Hip Health  Busy Mom